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    Before we enjoy our time together, I have a few guidelines that will ensure all goes smoothly or wildly but always very satisfying. Lets do this right and create many memorable experiences :)

Be A Gentleman

    Etiquette doesn’t only include appearance, age or race. Good manners and chivalry an important personality traits of gentlemen. Please treat me with the utmost respect and I will gladly do the same. I have no problem making sure all your needs are met but make sure you address me like a human being, a hot princess, a sexy Lady, your Queen, your Mistress.

   Be Prepared For Our Date

Impeccable personal hygiene is a must. Before the date, take a shower,  etc. so that we have a great experience. If you are coming from work, traveling etc I will allow for you to shower without charge of course.  I am punctual, at outcalls I will reach your desired location at least 5 minutes of the scheduled time and ask that you do the same. If you cancel within 24hours of our appointment more than once I will no longer be able to see you. Please if you are going to be late please let me know and also note that I may not be able to accommodate you beyond our agreed time.

Mode Of Communication

    After you call me to apply for a booking and submitting your request for an appointment, I will call, text or email (which ever you put as your prefered method of communication) confirming your booked appointment. We will then speak the day of your appointment where I would provide you with the location or you provide me with the location.  A few minutes before your appointment I will then contact you to give you more in depth details about the location. Be ready for an amazing experience. Time to relax and make good things happen for both.